Chiropractic First


Outreach Coordinator

Before meeting the Chiropractic First team, I had only been adjusted once after a soccer injury. I had no idea at all about what Chiropractic does for our overall health.

It’s a passion of mine to help others. I am a trained makeup artist and I worked as a cosmetician for many years. I loved it because I was able to help many people feel better about their skin.

Throughout my entire life, I have experienced a number of health related issues. These issues ranging in severity from acid reflux to the common cold to appendicitis, which resulted in surgery.  For all of which, I was medicated and the problems either didn’t go away or they created new problems elsewhere. I decided that I was done with medication and started leaning towards the natural approach to healthy living. Since I made this decision, I have never looked or felt better.

The timing of me joining the Chiropractic First team was excellent because I had already been so interested in natural health. Since I graduated from university, I never wanted my career to be simply about making money. I want to help people and I made it a goal to work for somebody who feels the same. I’ve received wonderful education from Dr. Freddie and the team and I have seen remarkable results from my own Chiropractic adjustments.

It makes me so excited that I get to share the power of Chiropractic to help others live a healthy and rewarding life… NATURALLY!

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

1. If you looked at my phone you’d see?... A flashing light

2. The last thing I Googled was?... Zodiac signs

3. If my days had one extra hour I’d?... Have to get another coffee

4. My guilty pleasure is… Peanut Butter M&M’s

5. On a typical Saturday night I… Binge on Netflix or go out with friends

6. When I’m stressed I… Seek retail therapy

7. I’m always happy when…  I see a dog

8. What keeps me inspired is… My family and friends

9.The best advice I ever got was… Never pretend to be somebody you’re not. The people that matter will love you for you

10. You’d be surprised that I... hate the scent of Lavender