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Who Am I?


I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic establishment, the fountainhead and birthplace of chiropractic, located in Davenport, Iowa. I am licensed under the strict mandates of the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board and hold a full time certification of registration with the College of Chiropractic of Ontario.  Occasionally, I serve as an examiner to the CCEB for up and coming chiropractic students and have done so for many years. Chiropractic is my passion because of my early beginnings with it’s approach to healthcare, and because the truth eluded me at a very young age!


My Story


Even as a youngster, I was always infatuated with fitness.  Running, cycling and weight training were big interests for me.  Like many, my pursuit was to improve in these areas as much as I could, but at the age of 20, I found I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. I mysteriously kept on injuring my low back on a regular basis.  The pain was very debilitating and it negatively affected my life in many ways.  I decided to seek medical attention for the pain. I had x-rays taken and as it turned out, it was a short right leg that was causing all my issues.  Immediate surgery was recommended. Devastated at the time, I knew little about how the body really worked but I knew two things for sure, surgery wasn’t an option and that somehow the truth was eluding me.  I said no to the surgery, and kept an open mind for other options. This is when things started getting interesting.


I was introduced to a chiropractor in Mississauga by a friend.  He took me in as a patient.  I brought him the x-rays that clearly showed I had a short leg.  He was charming and professional, and made me feel comfortable. He did an examination but didn’t look at the x-rays.  He told me to make an appointment on Monday for my first adjustment.  He escorted me out the door and just before he said goodbye, he turned back, shook my hand and said, “ the way, you don’t have a short leg!”  I instantly thought this man didn’t know what he was thinking. I saw the short leg on film with my own eyes, so did the other doctors, and he was telling me I didn’t have a short leg! I left that office feeling so dismal about my health. I remember the intense sadness to this day.


The Truth Was Coming


Monday came and went and I was asked to come in several more times every week for adjustments. The adjustments felt amazing. At least the pain was getting better. In the back of my mind however, I knew there was a short leg I had to deal with forever. Three months later, he decided to take x-rays of my back. He didn’t even mention the leg at all up until this point. I will never forget how hard the truth finally came crashing in when he put up a fresh set of x-rays up on his view box. He pointed at my bones, and said, “I told you that you didn’t have a short leg!” My hips were even and my spine looked straight!  There was no short leg after all. He explained that it was a misalignment in my spine that made the leg short. I was overwhelmed with hope and happiness because the truth had been revealed to me. A misalignment in my spine was causing ALL my problems. I saw proof of what chiropractic is capable of firsthand.  It truly seemed like magic.


As I continued with my adjustments over time, I eventually became stronger and pain free. I was able to push my body in ways I never did before without issues. I felt normal. I felt alive. I could do what I wanted. A chiropractor changed my life forever!


Where I Stand


Chiropractic was so good to me starting way back when I was 20 that I slowly decided to look at the bigger picture. I began thinking, what if I can affect the lives of others like this affected me? What if I could share the beauty of chiropractic to others and allow people to exceed what they think is their individual maximum potential and happiness? I wanted to be that kind of chiropractor. I wanted those kinds of results for my patients. I dropped out of my first year of accounting and I followed my chiropractor in his footsteps. Fast forward many years later, here I am today with the most passionate chiropractic team at Chiropractic First. I am forever grateful and truly blessed to be here.  What I’d like to do now is to find in others what was found in me long ago; hope and truth. The hope to live better and the truth about where health comes from. This is where I stand.


Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

If you looked at my phone you’d see…a picture of my budgie, she rocks!

The last thing I googled was…Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor – long story….

If my days had one extra hour I’d…catch up on the other 24hrs

My guilty pleasure is…my sister’s homemade cheesecake

On a typical Saturday night I…spend it with Shireen

When I’m stressed I…try to grow up, because those negative thoughts never really manifest anyway

I’m always happy when…I hear that special song...and eat that cheesecake!

What keeps me inspired is…growth; it’s the direction we are meant for

The best advice I ever got was…no matter what, just get it done, then, decide if it was worth it

You’d be surprised that I…have been a backyard astronomer most of my life