Chiropractic First

Lindsay Hamm

Lifestyle and Wellness Advocate

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I'm a wife and mom to three amazing kids, and I'm passionate about holistic living! I'm a certified Pilates instructor, and I also have a natural health business where I help empower people to take their health into their own hands.

When I become a mom, I started to think about the choices we were making in a different way than I ever had before. I wondered how the food we ate, and the cleaning products we used were affecting our long term health. I decided to become certified to teach one of my long-time passions, Pilates, at The Physical Mind Institute. I continued my education with further certifications in Pre/Post Natal Pilates, and Small Equipment work. And we started to make even more changes. Little by little, one step at a time.

It was around that time, about 6 years ago, that we were in an unfortunate car accident and I was referred to Chiropractic First. I learned that we could not only take care of some of those aches and pains by making Chiropractic care a regular part of our life, but we could also affect everything from our sleep, to our immune and digestive systems, and we could maintain our health and wellness down the road.

I began teaching the Advanced Exercise & Core class for the patients at the clinic, and have developed a wonderful relationship with the regulars who attend. I love that the clinic has chosen to offer this free class for their patients to help them strengthen the muscles that support their adjustments.

Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

If you looked at my phone you’d see… Photos of my husband and I on our ten year anniversary trip to Costa Rica, pictures of our kids, and an insane amount of Facebook notifications.
The last thing I googled was…Information on puppies! (Shh... don't tell)
If my days had one extra hour I’d….. Probably still stay up too late. After the kids go to sleep I can actually be productive!
My guilty pleasure is… Junking on Netflix
On a typical Saturday night I… Hang out with friends - usually with our kids!
When I’m stressed I… Reach for my essential oils.
I’m always happy when… I'm near the ocean or the mountains.... or better yet, both!
What keeps me inspired is…Women who choose to step into their greatness, have the courage to be vulnerable, play bigger, and make their own rules in life.
A quote I love is…“Attachment to praise and avoidance of criticism keeps us from doing innovative, controversial work and--more simply--from following the paths we feel called toward, whether or not those around us understand or approve.” - Tara Mohr
You’d be surprised that I... Used to be a Figure Skater!