Chiropractic First


Patient Care Coordinator

Before working at Chiropractic First I didn't know much about Chiropractic, as a child I was very active competing in figure skating competitions, playing soccer and many other sports. My mom would take me to see a Chiropractor every once in awhile if I had a bad fall or if I hurt myself so that's all I thought Chiropractic was... just a quick fix if you're injured. After working here I know that it is soo much more!
I've always had a passion for helping people. When I finished school I knew from the start that for me to feel pure joy I would need to work somewhere where I was helping to making a difference in the community and a difference in people's lives. At Chiropractic First I know I'm doing just that! Everyone has a calling in life and right now I believe this is mine.
I love seeing and serving all the families and patients and watching as their lives transform right in front of us. Life might not always be perfect but it sure is beautiful!

Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me:

If you looked at my phone you’d see… tons of apps and pictures
The last thing I googled was… food near me
If my days had one extra hour I’d… start a new hobby
My guilty pleasure is… a bagel triple toasted with cream cheese and bacon
On a typical Saturday night I… try out new restaurants
When I’m stressed I… eat cookies
I’m always happy when…  I'm by the lake and listening to music
What keeps me inspired is… the sun
The best advice I ever got was…  enjoy life and don't take things too seriously
You’d be surprised that I... love to sing