Chiropractic First


Patient Care Coordinator

Hello! I've been working with Dr. Freddie for a couple of DECADES and love it; I hope you'll love it here too. I started out as a teen dealing with scoliosis and constant headaches - it was anything but fun! Chiropractic was a pretty drastic change for me, but it's single-handedly the best thing I have ever done. Knowing that I'm giving my body the love and freedom to express great health is an incredible feeling, ...and even better - this clinic has allowed us to show others how to take control of their health - which is amazing! I've learnt more on this health adventure than I could have possibly imagined and I really want to share it with you.
Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me
If you looked at my phone you'd see... my kids pics and probably an Ultimate Health Podcast cued up to play.
The last thing I googled was... obviously something about dogs!
If my days had one extra hour I'd... tell you that there used to be only 23 hours a day and look how that turned out.
My guilty pleasure is... grilled cheese and pinot grigio.
On a typical Saturday night I... do just about anything to get out of cooking dinner.
When I'm stressed I... always feel better after hot yoga and a lavender bath.
I'm always happy when... I make up my mind to BE happy :)
What keeps me inspired is... a great novel.
The best advice I ever got was... "Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep. Nine if you're ugly." - Betty White
You'd be surprised that I... often make street lights go out - woah