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Dinner with the Doctor


Invite a Guest to our Complimentary Dinner

Who do you know who is tired of getting sick, feeling sluggish, avoiding the scale and worrying about what kind of health they will have when they get older? Please invite them as a guest and join me for dinner.

Dinner’s on me! This is our monthly Dinner with the Doctor, which is when I share with you down-to-earth ways to take back your health.

Weight gain, sluggishness, joint pain, depressive feelings—these are not inevitable, even though they seem that way because nearly everyone in our society experiences them!

Please invite your guests and join me at Dinner with the Doctor. There’s no substitute for a relaxed dinner in a cozy atmosphere while we talk candidly about how you feel and what we can do to restore you to feeling great again.

Which of your friends or family could use a nice dinner out while learning natural ways to start living life with gusto? Invite them to our complimentary dinner!

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- Dr. Freddie